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The Hive

Collaborative | Business-Wise | Next-Level Learning

The Hive is a digital space designed to foster a collaborative and business-wise environment focused on real-world application. A place where our community can come together and encourage collaboration, innovation, and growth, empowering participants to thrive both professionally and personally.

Join The Hive and find a like-minded community of school nutrition professionals, ready to learn and grow together!
Benefits of The Hive

What You Can Expect

Unique Business-Focused Content

Dive into a digital space dedicated to the business of school nutrition, offering content that is focused on real-life application. Our platform isn't afraid to tackle tough subjects or delve into intricate details, providing tools and templates that empower you to apply what you learn directly to your role.

Community Collaboration

Join a community that delves deep into the tough topics of school nutrition, from finance and budgeting to people management and strategic resource planning. Our members are here to discuss and explore these topics in detail, providing valuable insights and support for your professional growth.

High-Impact Professional Development

Invest your time in earning CEUs that can be put right to use. Learn how to tackle even the toughest issues by breaking them down into manageable steps, leading to significant impact and positive changes for your team and your school nutrition business.

 Personal Growth and Support

Beyond professional development, the Hive is a place where you can find support and encouragement for personal growth. Connect with peers who understand the challenges and rewards of working in school nutrition, and discover new ways to thrive both personally and professionally.